Mitsubishi MRJ First Flight (初飛行)  …MitsubishiAircraft

The MRJ has been successfully cleared the first flight mission by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation(MITAC).
Aircraft: Flight Test Aircraft No.1(FTA-1), MSN(Manufacturing Serial Number): 10001
Provisional Registration: JA21MJ

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Date: November 11, 2015
Flight Time: 87 minutes (09:35 ~ 11:02) Japan standard time
Place: Nagoya Airfield – Japan, over Pacific Ocean and surrounding Nagoya

Maximum Altitude: 15,000 feet
Maximum Airspeed: 150 knots

Aircraft Configuration: Landing (landing gears, slats and flaps full down), throughout the flight

Crew: 5 men include pilots

Chaser: Mitsubishi Aircraft, Hawker 400A (JA78MA), JASDF Air Development and Test Wing, T-4 Trainer (06-5651)
Camera: Diamond Air Service, MU-300(JA30DA)
Weather Observation: JAXA, Model 680 Citation Sovereign (JA68CE)
Helicopter shoot: Nakanihon Air Service

The Captain Mr. Yasumura, Chief test pilot said “Operational performance of the MRJ was better than expected. The characteristic was identical with a simulator. We had a significantly comfortable flight. Despite slightly turbulent wind condition, its approach and landing was very stable and maneuverable.” at the Press Conference.

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